As a prominent member of the Kansas City international community, KCIVC wishes to keep all members and Kansas Citians up to date on current affairs around the world and in the office. We do this by providing KC World Connection and semi-monthy Newsletters.


Kansas City World Connection

KC World Connection is meant to keep Kansas Citians up to date on international affairs, and shows how KCIVC's work impacts other countries. It includes international news stories, articles involving KCIVC, and staff written articles about our programs.


KCIVC sends out a newsletter to members semi-monthly via email. These newsletters include program highlights, upcoming programs, future hosting/recepetion opportunities, and transitions in the office. To recieve newsletters, sign up here.


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Upcoming Hosting Opportunities:

  • Home Stay- Kosovo Youth Exchange Program: We are excited to announce that for the 2014-15 academic year we will be hosting three long-term exchange students from Kosovo, ages 15-18. If you have high-school aged children, sufficient space to accomodate a long-term student , and the desire to engage in cross-cultural exchange, then long-term homestaying might be an option for you.

Interested in this opportunity?
Contact Courtney Brooks at
(816) 421-4231 or cbrooks@kcvic.com

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